Thursday, August 2, 2007

Believe Books

Those who don't work in the publishing field might be surprised to know how little publishers and authors see of each other face to face. So much work is accomplished through the Internet these days that in-person meetings are no longer required to see a book through from contract to publication.

That being said, I had the special privilege of meeting the president of Believe Books, Dianne Haskett, last week in Washington, D. C. We discussed many exciting aspects of promotion for my forthcoming book, most of which I cannot share here. But the big news I can divulge is that the target date for publication is November 2007! Significantly, this book will be published around the time of what would have been my parents' 60th wedding anniversary, and the publication will coincide with the 58th anniversary of my father's life-changing decision on November 6, 1949.

I think Dianne and I both felt God's hand on this project as we sat together overlooking Washington and the capitol dome and as we prayed for the Lord to use this book to touch many lives with the love of Christ.

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